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There's a pretty big difference between getting it done
and getting it done right.
This outlines a general project approach but the specific approach will typically need to be tailored to
the individual project. Remember, this is just a guide, your project may have needs that are not
addressed here, because every project = unique challenges
  Web Site Development Process

Throughout the design process we are open to suggestions and questions and are happy to give you some insight into how your website will work and satisfy your users.

The Development Process consists of:

  • Planning - Knowing Your Needs
    Our process invariably begins by clearly and accurately understanding your requirements and goals to the letter.

  • Prototype Building
    If necessary, our team can construct prototypes of the end-product ahead of time, so that your firm can review the production process.

  • Designing
    A design process begins based on the prototype that is approved by your firm.

  • Review
    You will be updated for our progress from time to time. If the project scope is large and complicated, we will divide it in phases to help you understand the progress.

  • End Product Delivery
    After the product is finished; we will see it through to ensure that it is set-up properly and running at full capacity.

  • Maintenance
    We will provide 15-days of free maintenance after end product delivery to guarantee your satisfaction.

Finally we also provide site maintenance where you can sign up for a yearly maintenance agreement.

Web development process.
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