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Why do you need quality content to support a potential website?

Web development, web designing and search engine optimization are interlinked with each other. A web master who is good at maintain his website will be well informed about the fact that a good web development and web designing are important factors that determines the reach and success of a website. Off course we cannot deny the importance of contents in websites.

There were times when webmasters stuffed keywords into their websites for some search engine optimization gains. Key words were aimlessly being used in inappropriate manners and were later slammed by Google. As days passed, Google and other search engines worked out on several steps to eradicate key words stuffing and inappropriate content in a website. Websites with Content duplications and poor quality contents were pushed out of the top listings that search engines gave their viewers.

  1. Quality of contents in a website is not easy to determine but, search engines are able to succeed in this process to a great extent off late. The technological advancement is surely one of the key points that have lead to better online contents. Readers are able to find juicy, informative and accurate content in any given topic- this is what we wanted for a long time.
  2. Internet users had tough time in finding out the exact content they are searching for, now that the search engines have refined their scaling points, readers are able to find worthy and contents with substance in them.
  3. Though search engine optimization has many ways of boosting a website’s position in a search engine, its main task is to make sure that the website has quality content.
  4. A website that has proper content will always be the best and can win the top places. The golden rule while giving quality content is this- You need to give relevant contents from specialist or experts of the concerned field.
  5.  If your site deals about clothes, garments or fashion industry, you will have to make sure that the site has articles written by a fashion designer or an industry specialist.
  6. Giving an article is not important but giving good content that is useful to the readers is what that counts.
  7. The search engines are intelligent enough to detect the usage and time spent by a user on that particular article.
  8. If your site has a junk article, the user will immediately leave the page and it will show up in the form of increased bounce rate.
  9. When your website has increased bounce rate, it means that users are not interested in your content or did not find anything useful to stay and spend time.
  10. Bounce rate of a particular site is not completely dependent on content but also upon the look of a website.
  11. You cannot expect a plain looking site to attract readers though it has good article from industry specialists.
  12. Proper web designing to support search engine optimization and web development that helps proper navigation are also important.

When webmasters follow these basic techniques, SEO is automatically achieved.

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